John Usher

Attorney at Law

As the grandson of an immigrant, Attorney John Usher knows the impact that becoming a citizen of the United States can have on a family. After owning a McDonald's franchise for over 30 years, he decided to redirect his purpose in life to helping immigrants invest and seek citizenship in the U.S. and build their growing businesses.

A Personal Approach to Law

My grandfather was an immigrant, and my father was a franchise owner. These two men inspired me to pursue a career in which I could truly make a difference in the lives of others and my community.”
John Usher

We know the obstacles a person or family can face when making big decisions. We are a Christian law firm and treat others the way we would want to be treated. At Usher Law Firm, P.A. you will get sound representation with honesty, hard work, and kindness for those seeking to make improvements in their lives.

Our attorney, Mr. John Usher, previously owned a McDonald’s franchise for over 30 years. After realizing there was more value in helping other people realize their dreams, the Usher Law Firm, P.A. firm was born. Having immigrant family members and personal experience with the franchising business, we hope that our guidance can help improve your way of life.

We Treat Others How We’d Like to Be Treated.

Get the Compassionate Counsel You Deserve.

Our Firm’s Focus

Building Thriving Businesses

We have the knowledge and ambition that is needed to navigate you through your matters so that you can see your vision come to life.

Uniting Families with Brighter Futures

Starting a new life for your family in America can be daunting, but it can also be astonishing. We focus our lives on the quality of your life.

Strengthening Our Community

When the residents of Ocala feel empowered, our community thrives. Together, we can strive for your American Dream.

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Meeting You at the Intersection of Immigration & Franchise Law

If you are an immigrant looking to gain citizenship or expand on your business plans, the Usher Law Firm, P.A. is here to help. Since 2009, our attorney has successfully assisted those in your shoes in achieving their goals and making their dreams a reality. 

The path to citizenship and growing a franchise are tremendous tasks to take on. Our attorney, John Usher, is here to help you make sense of the legal complexities that are required to meet the requirements. Our personal experience has prepared us for any and all challenges that may come your way.

We have dedicated our lives to helping you seek a better one. Whether you are looking to secure a green card or visa, or wish to find the franchise that is right for you, we are the law firm to guide you to a better future.

If you are immigrating to the United States and want to start a business, do not do it alone. Hire an experienced immigration and franchising attorney who can help you pursue your dream. Contact us at the Usher Law Firm, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation. From our office in Ocala, Florida, we proudly serve the surrounding areas of Leesburg, Gainesville, and Marion County.