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Take the Franchise Integrity Test

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  • Are you asked to sign a statement that you have read the FDD in its entirety, that you completely understand it and have had the chance for an attorney to review it?
  • Has the franchisor asked for you to waive the right to a jury trial?Has the franchisor asked for you to waive the right to a jury trial?
  • Does the Franchisor have a first right to buy your franchise and if so are they entitled to buy it below market value (at depreciated book value and without any goodwill)?
  • Is there an independent franchise association?
  • If you ask 10 people the trademark name, do 2 or more people recognize it?
  • Does the franchisor own and operate a reasonable number of units?
  • Is your franchisor obligated to defend all trademark actions?
  • Do you owe royalties to the franchisor on sales even if you do not get payment from a customer?
  • Are you required to notify the franchisor of any claim you may have against them within 1 year?
  • Are you required to indemnify the franchisor for their acts or commissions?

If you answered NO to even one question, we encourage you to watch our FREE WEBINAR called Understanding Your FDD

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