Green Cards Attorney in Ocala, Florida

Getting and Keeping a Green Card

If your intent is to reside in the U.S. long-term, you need a GREEN CARD which evidences your status as a legal permanent resident. Green cards are primarily available through either a family relationship or a job/investment.

Benefits of a Green Card:

  1. With a Green Card, you may travel out of the country without the risk of being denied entry upon returning
  2. Green Cards qualify you for in-state tuition at universities and colleges
  3. Work without the need for employer sponsorship or Start your own business when you have a Green card
  4. Sponsor other family members for their green card
  5. Green Card holders enjoy most legal rights under U.S. law
  6. After having your Green card, you may become eligible for U.S. citizenship

Usher Law Firm, P.A. can help you assess your options related to obtaining a green card. It is increasingly important that green cards are promptly replaced if lost and most importantly, they are renewed in a timely fashion.

Many green card holders find themselves having to scramble because of an immigration irregularity that pops up in conjunction with getting or renewing a driver's license.