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Immigration Videos

General Questions

Immigration Forms Don’t Look too Hard. Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

What Basic Tips Do You Have For Immigration Clients?

What is Naturalization?

What is the Affidavit of Support immigration requires?


E2 Visa Links


What Is An E2 Treaty Investor Visa?

How Do I Apply For An E2 Visa?

Can I Apply For A Green Card While On An E2 Visa?

Can I Bring Dependants On An E2 Visa?

Can I Change My Status While On An E2 Visa?

How Do I Apply For An Extension of Stay While On An E2 Visa?

How Long Can I Stay In The United States While On An E2 Investment Visa?

How Do I Qualify For An E2 Visa?

What Are The Limitations of An E2 Visa?

What Is The Processing Time For An E2 Visa?

What Are the Advantages of an E-2 Visa?



Green Card


Can You Lose Your Green Card Status?

Can You Be Deported If You Have A Green Card?

How Long Is A Green Card Good For?

If I Am Here Illegally, But Have Been Abused By A U.S. Citizen Family Member, Like A Spouse, Can I Get A Green Card?

If I Get A Green Card Based On Marriage, But Then Seperate Or Get A Divorce, Will That Be A Problem?

What is a Conditional Green Card and What Do I Have to Do to Remove the Conditions?




Can You Help Me If A Friend Or Family Member Is Taken By ICE?

Can You Help With Getting A Bond For Someone Detained By ICE?

If A Person Is In This Country Without Permission, What Should They Be Aware Of If Stopped By The Police Or ICE?

If I Have To Go To Immigration Court, Is There A Chance I Will Be Allowed To Stay Here And Get A Green Card?

What is a Notice to Appear and Why is it Important?


Tickets / Traffic Violations


Can You Help Me If I Get A Traffic Ticket Related To Not Having A Valid Driver's License?




Can You Help With A Request For Evidence From USCIS?

How Long Will It Take For USCIS To Decide My Immigration Case?




I Came On A Visitors Visa But Want To Stay Longer.  Can I Do That?

What are the Differences Between a Fiancé Visa and a Spouse Visa?




I Came On A Non-Immigrant Visa.  Can I Get Married Here?

If I Am Here Illegally And Marry A U.S. Citizen, Does That Help Me?

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