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Florida Immigration Lawyer John Usher can help you with Green Cards, Naturalization and more.

Immigration & Business Investors

Usher Law Firm assists Business Immigration Investors as well people with their Individual or Family-related immigration needs:

  • DACA

  • Green Card and Citizenship (Naturalization)

    • Fiancé Visa

    • Marriage Visa (K-1, K-3 or marriage to a US citizen)

    • Conditional Green Card – Removal of conditions

    • Family-sponsored Green Card applications & renewals

    • Naturalization

  • Waivers
  • Deportation Proceedings
  • Student visas – F visa & M visa

  • International Franchising

  • E2 or EB5 Investment Visa

  • Change of status – Moving from one nonimmigrant category to another
  • Adjustment of status – Getting a green card based on a change from a non-immigrant to an immigrant category

Change Your Immigration Status

If you want to change the purpose of your visit while in the United States, you (or in some cases your employer) must file a request with USCIS on the appropriate form before your authorized stay expires.

For instance, if you arrived here as a tourist but want to become a student, you must submit an application to change your status. We recommend that you apply as soon as you determine that you need to change to a different non-immigrant category.

Equine (Horse) Immigration-Related Help

Given the significance of the equine / horse industry in the Ocala, Florida, area, Usher Law Firm is particularly attuned to the immigration needs of people who work with horses.

A non-U.S. citizen needs a visa to visit, work or live here. Usher Law Firm can help employers with qualified riders, trainers and skilled grooms of high-level competition horses receive “O” or “P” visas. Veterinarians and other professionals with college degrees may qualify for H-1B visas.

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National Family Visa Attorney Who Understands

Attorney John N. Usher is the grandson of a man who, as a 6-year-old boy, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901 with his family so they could start a new life in America. His father worked in the stockyards of Chicago. The boy learned English, worked and studied hard and became the Honorable Judge John Pavlik, a respected probate judge.

John Usher is sensitive to the fact that our country is what it is today — remarkable and unique — because of our historical willingness to allow the legal immigration of people from all over the world. He is also sensitive to the fact that families need to be together. Often a person will become either a legal permanent resident, or a citizen of this country. They then want to bring loved ones to the U.S. to complete their dreams.

As a Florida immigration lawyer, John Usher is pleased to help the residents of Marion County and the surrounding areas reunite their families.

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Help

Visas are generally divided into non-immigrant and immigrant categories. The categories are based on the length of time an individual intends to reside in the United States. Usher Law Firm offers counsel for immigrant and non-immigrant visas and can help qualified applicants adjust status from a non-immigrant classification to immigrant classification by getting a green card.

Because security measures have intensified, green card renewals have recently become more of an issue. In particular, driver's license renewals can present a problem. Legal permanent residents need to take timely action with renewing a green card since it can take up to six months to renew a green card.

Naturalization is the process undertaken by qualified green card holders to become a U.S. citizen. Attorney John N. Usher urges legal permanent residents to thoughtfully consider taking this step.

Green cards, even those previously described as permanent green cards, must be renewed every 10 years. Usher Law Firm can renew a green card.

  • US Citizenship & Naturalization Attorney
  • Immigration & Business Investors
  • E2 Visa
  • EB-5 Visa Program
  • Forming an EB-5 Regional Center
  • The L-1 (L1) Visa Program
  • DACA Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals
  • Espanol DACA Deferred Action
  • Waivers


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