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Q: "Should I carry my work permit in my wallet, or leave it at home? I keep everything except my id at home. I'm scared to lose my ss card & my work permit. Is it legal to make a copy of them?"

John's Answer: "We always advise clients to make sure they make (and safely keep) backup copies of all their important documents/cards. As we work with our clients, we always scan records /cards and save them digitally. Whoever generates the copies, they should know it is important to get good color copies.....front and back....of all documents including cards. We do not recommend photos of records as they do not present as well as scanned documents. Paper copies are better than no copies but they are more likely to degrade over time (or get lost) than electronic versions. Best is a quality scan.

The decision on where to keep the original(s) is a personal decision. For some it may be a wallet and for others having it safe at home may be the best option. The key is always having a clear complete copy safely stored (preferably electronically)."

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