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FAQ: How Do I?

Contact you?

Text or call us any time at 352-329-6336. Email us directly by using the contact form on our website:

Provide evidence? Upload photos? Send you a scanned document?

You may upload to your Client Portal on Docketwise or you may use the Dropbox link we provide to you in an email.

Get a copy of my submission?

We will send you an email with a link to the full USCIS submission of your case application.

Check case status?

Log into your Client Portal on Docketwise our case management app. You will receive an email invitation from us. You create your account where you can upload documents and check your case status in real time.

When do I get a Driver’s License?

When we submit your case package to USCIS, you will get a notice of receipt for each form filed. As soon as you receive the Notice(s) of Receipt (about 2 weeks after filing), you may take them, and all other DMV required documents, to the local driver’s license office.

Open a bank account?

Some banks will open a bank account to intending immigrants without a social security number (SSN). However, most US banks will not without a social security number. You can apply for the SSN after you receive your work authorization card (approximately 6 months after your USCIS case is submitted – the approval of work is entirely dependent upon the unique factors in your case so this is an estimate only).

Get an ITIN?

This can allow an intending immigrant or a non-immigrant in the US for work purposes to file a US income tax return. Filing to get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) can be done using IRS Form W-7 and it must be filed with an IRS Acceptance Agent. These agents can be found at this website:

There is probably a fee to use their service and it is most often accompanied by the concurrent filing of your US tax return.

Get a tax transcript?

The IRS website allows you to create an online account where you can retrieve previously filed tax returns in summary form. USCIS prefers we submit tax transcripts, usually 3-5 pages in length, instead of a full tax return which may have 100+ pages. You can order your IRS tax transcripts from this site:

Get a long form birth certificate?

To comply with the Department of State’s accepted birth certificate from your birth country, please use the State Department’s website to review the civil document requirements.

Start by going to this site and then choose your country in the list shown on the left side of the page:

Get court records?

This is a big question. We recommend you start with the county’s website where your court records reside. You can often contact the Clerk of Court in the county courthouse by Googling “(INSERT COUNTY NAME) clerk of court”. Also, there will be a link to order court records on that county website as well. If you run into issues, give us a call. We can assist you but there will be a per hour paralegal fee if we gather the documents on your behalf.