You can. you often are told by franchisors that they can't, but the fact is, legally, they can. they may not want to, and they would prefer not to have one-off deals, and they do have to administer all the agreements. There are some reasons for them to be reluctant, but the fact is you can negotiate, and I believe you're foolish to not attempt to negotiate because once you sign that document, those are the terms that you're going to live with for a long period of time, and the only time you have is to negotiate before you sign. It's so important. You can limit your risk. You can also save money down the road if you know the right questions to ask and the right techniques to use, and this is something that having somebody on your side, an attorney, can be so helpful to you.

You can't just throw up your hands and say, "it can't be done." if that's the case, it won't be done.