Buying a Franchise Is a Big Decision.

Buying a franchise in another country is an even bigger decision. I'm John Usher, a Florida-based attorney whose practice focus is on franchise and immigration law. Because I have experience as a franchisee myself, with over 25 years of experience in the franchise industry, and because my law practice concentrates on immigration investments in franchises, I'm uniquely qualified to help foreign investors. We serve clients worldwide and can help with investments anywhere in the US. An E-2 visa is an attractive visa option for many people interested in living in the United States.If a person qualifies for such a visa, getting the visa hinges on convincing US authorities of the merits of the investment. An investment will qualify if it meets or exceeds certain standards. Those requirements will be described in the following presentation. Your investment has to be an active investment. It cannot be passive. You cannot just buy property. Because it has to be an entrepreneurial undertaking, your options boil down to either buying an existing business or starting a new business. If you choose to start a new business, your choice then is to either start the business entirely on your own or invest in a franchise. This presentation will tell you why investing in a suitable franchise is most likely your best chance to get E-2 approval. I hope you find the information helpful.