The answer is you can get married here if you come on a non-immigrant visa. But, you have to be very careful. The government may determine that you are not eligible to stay here. That you will not get a green card. The reason that is, is because of the concept of intent. When you apply for a visa to come here, like a tourist visa, for a short period of time. And, you're telling the government at that point, “i'm just coming for a short period of time, believe me.” then, you end up saying “now, i want to stay.” the government doesn't like that. They think you're cutting to the front of the line. You're not following the normal, prescribed process. So, they can say “in effect, you misrepresented your intent when you came here. You intended just to get married all along.”

The key thing is, you have to remember that in such a situation, you have a higher burden. The government's going to look at you and say “you prove to me that this marriage was spontaneous. That it just happened and you had no intent.” this can be a difficult thing to do. you know? I tell people, you're playing with fire if this is your intent. People have done it, it can work, but if you're in that situation, you need to be very cautious. I urge you to find an attorney to help you.