The forms can be a little bit misleading. For the most part, they're straightforward, but there are some very subtle questions in there and you have to understand, or you should understand, some of those nuances. But the biggest reason to hire an attorney to help you with an immigration matter is the evidence that's required, the quality of the evidence that's presented, is ... the value of that can't be overstated. You also want to make sure you're presenting that information and evidence in the easiest manner for them to accept it, for them to believe what you're telling them, and for them to say, "yes, this person deserves whatever benefit they're asking for."

The other thing is if you make a mistake doing your own work, it's going to cost you time and money. You'll have delays, and time is money. It's a proven fact that having an attorney involved with immigration is going to ... there's a higher success rate, so you're going to end up spending less money, and hopefully everything be done much more quickly.