When people ask that question, they're trying to debate whether they should get married to somebody overseas or do they bring them here and get married. It really boils down to two things for most people, and that is how much time is going to be required, and number two, how much money is going to be required?

The short answer is a fiancé visa will get somebody into this country quicker. With a fiancé visa, they're permitted to come here, your spouse to be. if you get married within 90 days of them coming, then the spouse can remain here, and then you apply for a green card. That process will take longer in the end to get a green card than if you get married out of the country and obtain a spousal visa, but the advantage is that person is here quicker.

So you've got to decide whether time is important, money is important. One thing i do remind people that you can always have a ceremony in two countries. You can be happy one way or the other, but there are significant consequences which avenue you take, and you really need to discuss the options thoroughly with a qualified immigration attorney.