Well, the first thing is, keep copies of everything, all your records. Very often i see that people have incomplete or don't have records, and it is difficult and expensive to recreate those records. You need to duplicate those records, keep them somewhere safe. I recommend on the phone keep those basic documents available. I also see that people don't pay as much attention to deadlines as they should. Timing considerations with immigration can be critical, so you need to be aware of those deadlines.

It's also important to keep users informed of your current address. It's easy to move and forget that, and i understand that, but it can lead to some heartache if you don't do that. And finally, i would caution people that, be careful when you say, "i know somebody who had this happen or did that or got a green card this way or that way." everybody's situation is different, and you have to be very, very careful of the things you hear. The best thing you can do is get professional help.