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Tattoos & Immigration

Posted by John Usher | Aug 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Sometimes the question is raised about the impact of tattoos when it comes to immigration. There is no issue with the tattoo act itself but there can be a problem with “statements” made by specific tattoos. The best way to think about this is to consider tattoos as evidence. They communicate things on the skin instead of paper but, nevertheless, they are a record of personal matters.
Immigration authorities have broad discretion. Authorities, with just a “reason to believe” a person may engage in “unlawful activity”, can issue a denial. Typically, this would arise in the context of a criminal activity concern. Names and symbols related to gangs are grounds for denial.
Tattoo information may be noted and presented to authorities by the examining doctor. Removing or covering up a tattoo with another tattoo may work but doctors have the ability to use black lights to reveal changes.
Appearance matters with immigration interviews; the recommendation is to minimize visibility and to be prepared to answer any question about any particular tattoo. For example, if you are married to Karen but you have a huge tattoo that says “Linda's Forever” you might want to have your birth certificate that shows Linda is your Mother's name.

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